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A new patented method of motion simulation based on hydraulic drive

One of the companies in the Group Total Interactive Technologies (Gydrodinamica, LLC.) is the developer of hydraulic reciprocating. Our company is the first in the world to use the new, patented method of construction of such systems.
The principle of motion platforms developed by Gydrodinamica, LLC., is not based on standard hydraulic system , but has a self-developed and patented method of control, drastically different from classical hydraulics. Our specialists affirmatively say that these are a hydro-mechanical platforms. This technology allows to realize complex motion of the platform: soft, sharp, vibrant moves. Extremely simple scheme for implementation of the drive gear results in high security of operation.

Why 380 volt power?

The main difficulty in the selection of equipment is associated with power supply. Our equipment needs network of 380v. The main thing here is to understand that the platform for 7 visitors is almost a ton of weight. Quick movement of such a mass by means of single-phase 220 volts is simply impossible, because no one cancels the laws of physics. The maximum possible power from a single-phase 2.5 kW outlet allows you to work with 4 or with 5 people maximum , but with very mediocre dynamics. Thats why our equipment needs 380V instead of 220V.
Serious platform motion performance is not possible with low electricity performance.

Why hydraulic platforms rather than mechanical ones?

The main distinction of hydro mechanical systems is the way of transmission of linear movements. In our case we have only two gear pumps, operated only by oil pressure and hydraulic cylinder is almost 5 times higher than the normative indicators of pressure, which provides a platform with vibration, sudden acceleration and stop.
In the mechanical platform mass impacts on gear and it does not get along without backlash that manifests itself very strongly in the reverse direction of movement of the platform and slowly increases during work. Hydraulics has a clear advantage over mechanics taking into account system dimensions and resources of high capacity.

Major misconceptions

To state that hydraulics is worse than the mechanics, on the basis of stereotypes about eternally present "Soviet" hydraulics is wrong. We are dealing with hydraulic systems. Our company is the first in the world to use a new patented method of construction of hydraulic reciprocating. For more than 5 years this method has been working successfully in the real world. We provide warranty for the equipment at any recurrence of its work.

New equipment produced by our company differs from our "old" platforms 2D7

It is also necessary to address a fundamental difference between the new technology and the early one manufactured by our company for motion platform of 2D7 brand. It is worth noting that the new technology of hydro mechanical drive is completely free from the technical features of the old versions. The main advantage is lack of pumping process and a complicated system of valves, which required maintenance before. In addition, now there is no possibility of airing the hydraulic system.

The main advantages of hydro mechanical dynamic platform:

  1. "Painless" reverse in motion of the platform.
  2. Linearity of movement throughout the range of motion.
  3. Absence of potential energy - accumulator.
  4. Minimizing the size of the drive: lack of levers, rods.
  5. Platform height is 550 mm.
  6. Implementation of vibration in motion without any additional equipment (kickers and vibrators).
  7. Sharp start - stop mode allows to simulate attacks.
  8. Lack of friction and gears. There is no backlash and knocks at work.
  9. Platform motion doesnt depend on the load and its location.
  10. System does not have chokes and valves, the presence of which could lead to overheating.
  11. Non-Stop mode of platform work.
  12. Presence of non-contact position sensors.
  13. Assembling scheme of equipment is modular and its nodes can be easily changed.
  14. Use of generally industrial components.