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Studio źTotal Animation╗

Studio źTotal Animation╗ was founded in early 2008 and is part of the Tver holding źTotal Interactive Technologies╗.
The main activity of our studio coincides with our motto “Technologies and Art” which means production of high-quality video for 5D-theaters and virtual reality attractions.

At the moment studio źTotal Animation╗ has more than 15 professional artists and animators with extensive experience in the creation of stereoscopic 3D films.
Due to the excellent technical facilities and talent of passionate employees we are able to occupy leading positions in the Russian entertainment market.

Nowadays źTotal Animation╗ Studio has released seven 3D films for theaters, and four films for a unique new attraction źTotal Cube╗, produced by enterprises of źTotal Interactive Technologies╗.

In the nearest future źTotal Animation╗ Studio plans significant increase in the number of employees and production facilities which will allow to create more qualitative 3D films.