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Total Video Control System

Total Video Control System

Our company is ready to introduce a new system called «Total Video Control», which aims at keeping video content safe and controlling its sales.
Reliable and easy to use it allows both owners of 4D theaters to renew repertoire of their theaters online quickly and safely, and film manufacturers to secure each copy together with getting an Internet-site for placing products.
TVC consists of 2 components: a specially developed player with unique number for each theater and an online-shop with wide variety of 3D content placed at our web-site.

The concept of our system’s work is to code each copy sold to a client who has an individual clients player number. TVC also encrypts licensing period for each film copy.
After licensing period is over, showing a film is impossible.
TVCs function also allows to set up flexible licensing periods and cost of each film copy together with automatic calculation of final price for clients film order. Documentation package is drawn up automatically in electronic form.

    Total Video Control work scheme:

  • Clients registration on vps.total-interactive.com (theater owner)
  • Downloading and launching a regkey program in order to get an individual registration key
  • Input of registration key into a user card on the web-site
  • Waiting for confirmation of software registration and getting an activation key
  • Software installation to video server of the attraction (codec and player)
  • Using of vps.total-interactive.com with new clients account data, switching to “Film Sales” part of the web-site
  • Choosing of films, setting up a license period
  • Forming electronic documents package (contract, invoice)
  • Switching to page with order confirmation
  • Payment processing and payment confirmation in electronic form (sent by e-mail)
  • Preparation and coding of ordered film files
  • Receiving of notice about ready film files and getting the links for downloading
  • Downloading the film package from the site
  • Showing films in 4d Theater