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    +7 (4822) 710-500


The idea of setting up a company appeared in 2000.
2001 – work on the 1st racing simulator began
2004 summer the 1st racing simulator was commissioned
2005 taking part in Exhibition of Intel + EA GAMES + Geleos ...
2006 - creation of the first motion platform based on the principle of reversing drive. Setting up a 3d-studio . An idea of making a new attraction “Total Cube” appeared.
2007 February - launch of the first motion platform 2DOF with 7 seats (2D7) in Chelyabinsk city and start of small-scale production of platforms
2008 December - the first independent sale of 2D7 and start of working with 4D Cinema. Release of the first 3D film "Star Blade"
2008.12 - the first sale of a fully equipped 2D7 theater in Tver city
2009.09 - creation of a new principle of different zone reverse drive and manufacturing of the 1st 3DOF platform with 7 seats.
2009.10 - sale of the first 3DOF platform with 7 seats (3D7)
2010.04 - creation of the first active stereo system, increases the sales. Active start of own theater sales
2010.06 increasing the 3d-Studio and release of two more 3d-rides
2010.10- release of 2DOF platform with 4 seats (2D4)
2011.02- organization of company’s own business structure