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Cost of 5D-theaters

What is the cost of equipment for a theater? It is the cost of each item included in the equipment set. Modern cinema is a novelty of recent times, combining new computer technologies, as well as fresh trends in the area of cinema and entertainment industries. 5D is an interactive attraction demonstrated in cinema halls. 5D cinema is the volumetric 3D image reproduced by using special glasses and special effects - movement in space and stereo sound, creating the effect of presence in the film action. A specially designed program manages the show so that all aspects of theater operate simultaneously. Synchronous playback of a three-dimensional images, motion, surround sound and tactile sensations. All this makes the movie interactive. The viewer fully feels like being a part of show. If he rides a rollercoaster, his body repeats all the twists and rolling, if he slides by a waterfall, water sprays him from head to toe, if he flies on a pterodactyls back wind whistles in his ears.

How can such actions be played? After all, in fact, the picture is shown on an absolutely flat screen! This amazing attraction is a set of special theater equipment, located in the small cinema. Despite the fact that the cost of equipment for 5D theater is not low, it is compensated pretty quickly. After seeing this 3D ride once with special effects, audience wants to see it again and shares experiences with friends and acquaintances, which attracts new viewers.

5D Equipment for theaters consists of a dynamic platform based on hydro mechanical drive. Its cost is determined by the cost of materials and labor costs of engineers, technicians and workers. Chairs installed on a platform are seats with seatbelts for audience. Equipment includes a screen located fairly close to the viewer, and of course, glasses forming a three-dimensional image. Sound is heard from loudspeakers placed around the perimeter of 5D theater which plays an important role in creation of special effects. Finally, equipment includes fans and water sprinklers and other effects, appearing in accordance with the plot and directed by special software. Equipment is controlled by a computer being the brain and conductor of the theater. The theater cost is formed by the cost of these expensive devices and their developments.

5D shows are not long. They make particularly powerful impression on children and all the fans of 3D technologies. Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment for 5D theater, it is still in great demand and is actively bought from developers.

Creation of equipment for the theater is laborious work for big number of specialists. Creating three-dimensional image is one part of work. Writing a program that manages to control each part of equipment - is the other part. Technical and engineering work , designing the platform, installation of seats, and adjusting of equipment are included into the cost of a 5d theater.

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